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Water restoration company: how we can help!

Published by 911 Restoration Jacksonville on October 21, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

water removal JacksonvilleAfter the big storms and floods hit my community, my home was a wreck. Rain leaks causes flood damage in crawl space underneath my home, but that wasn’t where it ended, unfortunately. My entire basement flooded, which meant that I needed an entire basement flood cleanup, and I even needed water extraction in some of the areas of the first above-ground area of my home.

I thought that paying someone to start pumping water out was going to be costly, and I wasn’t excited about having to shell out so much money for flood clean up when my family and community were going through such a difficult time. However, I am so glad that I sprung for a water restoration company that offered same day service and got started on the water cleanup right away.

A lot of people that I know who didn’t hire one of these companies ended up having to replace the flooring in their homes and had some serious issues with their foundations. Luckily for me and my family, this wasn’t the case. The company that I hired for flood cleanup was really good and got most of the water out of the home right away. This means that I only had to pay for basement flood cleanup and some other water extraction services, and a simple wood floor restoration and cabinet restoration restored my home back to its original condition. Therefore, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you will definitely want to hire someone for water damage restoration right away if you want to save your home like I did.

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